Quality policy

Maximum satisfaction of requirements and expectations of customers concerning product quality and terms of execution. High quality of products and their constant improvement are the main conditions for satisfaction of customers, strengthening of economic situation and further development of our enterprise.
To this end, the management undertakes to maximally meet the requirements and expectations of customers, which would ensure the profits sufficient for the company’s prosperity and a decent standard of living for each employee.  

The main tasks in achieving the goal:

  • To constantly maintain and strengthen mutually beneficial relations with customers by fulfilling their requirements “on time and in good quality”.
  • Continuous improvement of production facilities and enterprise infrastructure.
  • Ensuring and maintaining the required level of competence and professionalism of the personnel at the enterprise. 

Ways of solving the tasks

  • Ensuring implementation of quality policy and goals;
  • Monitoring and analysis of internal and external factors of the enterprise context;
  • Conducting a systematic analysis of the functioning of the quality management system;
  • Consistent improvement of the quality management system;
  • Monitoring processes and analyzing production data;
  • Continuous training of staff to improve its professional level and qualifications;
  • Continuous improvement of production equipment;
  • Continuous improvement of enterprise infrastructure.