Environment protection

The management and personnel of our enterprise carry out activities in the field of garments production with a clear understanding of the responsibility for the technogenic impact on the environment, taking into account the requirements of environmental safety.
Our goal is to carry out the production of eco-clothing with maximum efficiency and minimal negative impact on the environment.
In order to ensure environmental safety and continuous improvement of the ecological characteristics of economic activity, our company undertakes the following obligations:

1. To adhere to the Ukrainian and international norms of legislation, corporate requirements; Policies of Clients’ organizations in the field of Ecology;
2. To constantly reduce the negative impact on the environment by improving the system of environmental management of the enterprise;
3. To prevent environmental pollution and the possibility of occurrence of ecological emergency situations by systematic monitoring;
4. To train personnel for the purpose of professional development and increase of environmental consciousness and responsibility within the limits of production activity;
5. Carry out systematic work to reduce the amount of pollution and reduce the volume of industrial and household waste.

Environmental policy meets the objectives of the company and extends to all areas of activity. It is regularly reviewed, communicated to all shareholders and is mandatory for implementation. It provides us with a basis for establishing and reviewing environmental goals.
Implementation of this Policy is the basis of the sustainable development of our Enterprise.

Ways of solving the tasks:

  • Ensuring implementation of the policy in the field of environmental management and its objectives.
  • Conducting systematic analysis of the environmental management system functioning.
  • Consistent improvement of the environmental management system.
  • Monitoring of ecological impact on environment and permanent reduction of this impact.
  • Continuous training of staff to improve its professional level and qualifications.

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