Lean production

What is Lean?

Hundreds of enterprises in Ukraine use the methodology of Lean Production. It looks like it is a magic key to success. And how is it really?
Lean Production means “production that avoids everything excessive” or “economical production”. This system can be implemented through a significant reduction, or even the removal of all processes that do not bring benefit.

Purpose of Lean

The purpose of the Lean production concept is to eliminate all kinds of losses and maximize the efficiency of the resources usage by continuously improving all organization processes aimed at increasing customer satisfaction.
Lean is quality, speed, cost-effectiveness. That is, we produce more, but spend less (human recourses, equipment, time, production areas), while producing high-quality products that the consumer requires.

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Lean production methods

  • System 5S – sort, set, shine, standardize, sustain.
  • Kaizen – a method of continuous improvement
  • Asaichi – a system that functions in the form of meetings and allows to manage all company processes
  • PDCA – a method that helps to find the main cause of a problem and provide actions to fix it
  • Standardized work – a method which searches and consolidates the best
    practice of performing operations and actions, ensuring stable processes and qualitative result.
  • SMED – readjusting/reequipping of equipment less than in 10 minutes
    Kanban – a system for controlling the logistic chain in terms of production but not an inventory system
  • TPM – general equipment maintenance

Why do we implement Lean?

Our customers become more demanding , the market adapts to the demands and becomes more individual, and the life cycles of products – shorter. The customer is oriented towards three things: cost, quality and reliability of the delivery. LEAN will help to understand what is actually happening; it will make us see unnecessary losses and ineffective work.