The company has a well-established organizational system that has an hierarchical subordination. High attention is paid to the improvement of skills of employees. Our employees have trainings in other countries, and also the leading specialists come to us for training at the enterprise, every year we pass international and Ukrainian audits and our professionalism is confirmed. Our company has its own system of remuneration, which, in addition to the basic salary, includes a bonus system depending on the efficiency, the plan executed and other indicators. We have a system of incentives and bonuses for employees, but we constantly monitor this system and develop new types of motivation.

We apply the following types of motivation:

Financial motivation:

  • annual bonuses, based on the results of the year;
  • prizes for anniversaries;
  • provision of interest-free loans for employees;
  • bonuses for professional holidays;
  • sickness and burial assistance;
  • payment of overtime hours;
  • free of charge workers transfer;
  • bonus for staff search.

Other motivation:

  • Training at the expense of the company (mainly managers and specialists);
  • the possibility of career growth (for all employees);
  • cultural events (theaters, concerts);
  • trust;
  • praise of the leader (oral praise and issuance of letters of praise);
  • implementation of ISO, 5S, Kaizen, Asaichi, environmental management systems, improvement of production facilities and infrastructure (improve working conditions and improve quality).