Asaichi System

Asaichi – this is a system that functions in the form of meeting, through which the most important processes in the organization take place. During short and effective meetings, continuous monitoring of the main indicators is carried out, the problem is identified, responsible persons are appointed for its solution..
Between workers from different departments, cooperation in achieving a common goal, discipline and responsibility are raised..
The Asaichi system is inextricably linked with other Lean methods and helps to successfully integrate them into the organization’s performance improvement.

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Basic principles:

  • Meeting should be short and effective;
  • Issues related to safety, quality, efficiency, damage, Lean activity are discussed.;
  • Meetings are required for informing, appointing responsible persons and terms, but not for solving problems;
  • It is necessary to prepare for the meeting in advance
  • The meeting is attended by representatives of the necessary.