We effectively use the following types of studies:

  • trainings – are held in the territory of our enterprise by leading specialists who come specifically for training (external training companies), and our employees go to trainings.
  • conferences, seminars, meetings with management;
  • briefings;
  • general training on quality issues, on issues of environmental safety (through interviews with staff, invitation of consultants);
  • evacuation training;
  • video courses;
  • discussion;
  • remote studies;
  • round table.

Recently we have conducted:

  • PM training in “Epsilon”, Madagascar
  • PM training in “Vien Lao”, “Viet Thu”, “Venture” factories, Laos
  • Efficiency increase project 2019
  • Capacity increase project 2019
  • Lean training for management and production leaders
  • 5S workspace implemented
  • Kaizen Teian implemented
  • Asaichi implemented
  • 5 Why in process
  • ISO 9001 version 2015
  • ISO 14001 version 2015.