5S System

What is 5s System?

5S – the system of workplace organization.
5S – is an idea from the Japanese concept of production. According to 5S cleanliness and setting in order are the main requirements for improving the work of processes.
Cleanliness and setting in order are considered as the basis of quality work.
Goals of 5S – to reduce the number of accidents, improve the products quality, reduce the number of defects, create a comfortable psychological atmosphere, stimulate the desire to work, increase productivity (which in its turn leads to the higher profit of the company and, correspondingly, to the increase of the workers’ income level).

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5S at Stritex. How and why? What has already been done?

The essence is the correct organization of the workplace:

  • To sort and remove what is not used
  • To locate what is being used in a convenient locale
  • To maintain cleanliness and order
  • To create control standards
  • To improve by applying established standards.

Effect – very quick identification of production problems caused by incorrect organization of the workplace and minimization of them (for example, getting rid of accumulated tools that were used a month ago, and now only make you waste time searching among them the right one).
76 employees were trained 5S till the end of 2018. 16 workplaces were organized with their help .
The organizational pyramid of the factory was improved, step-by-step process of 5S implemenfation is developed, the criteria for evaluating the best-fitted 5S workplaces have been agreed , 5S map was created.