Kaizen System

What is Kaizen System

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy or practice that focuses on the continuous improvement of production processes , development, auxiliary business processes and management, as well as all aspects of the organization’s life.
According to Kaizen philosophy, organizations continuously improve all business functions; which involves all employees – from a director to an ordinary worker. By improving standardized actions and processes, Kaizen’s purpose is to eliminate all losses.

Rewards for the implemented ideas

The author receives points for an implemented idea, and for these points he can receive a prize. The author can choose anything from a Kaizen Idea catalog.

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Kaizen teaches that there is nothing permanent, everything flows and changes, but constant and small step sin the direction of improvement is better than “to shoot from the hip”, and, of course, better than to do nothing at all.
Kaizen – this is an approach to the creation of continuous improvement based on the idea that small current positive changes can achieve significant improvements.
Proper organization of work and production processes at our company is very important for its efficiency.
The more clearly organized work is and the clearer responsibilities are, the more productive the factory becomes.